Circle of life
A long tight sight... As he looks right into the mirror of the camera, a mirror that has the ability to freeze Time and capture the elements that comprise that light. 
The green that paints the background and the shades that clad his shoulders are in sync of what lies around in the nature!
A quick thought of what is going around in the world. A world so fast and ever changing that it's difficult to keep up with the pace sometimes. It's this speed and pace that leaves the real touch of greens behind highlighting just the shades that clad the shoulders. Don't we also often forget what's real in the pace and the age of high speed data exchange, welcoming the digital age but leaving the real senses behind.
But change is what we ought to embrace. It could be in the greens behind or the shades that clad the fabric.... It's a constant cycle of the beginning and the end?
Photographer: Akshay Pawar
Model: Kunal Thakkur
Executive producer: Pruthav Mandora
Agency: Maiden Consultancy & Networks

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