The Hustler

The hustle mind of a different kind,
Goes together with some class and a stride.
The surface you see,
Is a very different being
Wearing my past the colours that blast
In my sight i see the future within me
Twists and turns
Are the curves that you learn
Cause the blocks of time
Are the seasons that define,
My strength my power
Invested in this endeavour.
Victorious i shall emerge
Amidst the tornados of the sun,
The last stand that i shall take
Ahead of time and my fate.
For all should fall and only one shall rule,
This community of grey
Where the light shines my hues!

Agency: Maiden Consultancy & Networks
Photography: Akshay Pawar
Stylist: Abhay Bharat
Make up & Hair: Neha Seehra
Muse: Arun Sharma
Publication: Period 152

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