At least twice a week, I walk alongside an enigmatic figure with two jugs. This woman known to the locals as "la chichona", was modeled by José María Fernandez Urbina in 1927 after the figure of Luz Jiménez, a native of Santa Ana Tlacotenco, a renowned narrator and translator in the Nahuatl language. The image of Luz Jiménez became the archetype of the Mexican indigenous woman, it was captured by numerous artists (Rivera, Orozco, Modotti) in various themes, such as guardian, queen, grinder, seller of flowers, such as Malinche. A loosely interpreting the style of muralist Jorge González Camarena, this guerrilla video mapping seeks to free the stone woman and renew interest in a great character in Mexican culture. My bro Rainer Ossott contributed the track Whisper IV from his upcoming album The Devil in my ear.

Concept & Production: Ricardo Gonzales Mejia
Cinematography: Akshay Pawar
Music: Rainer ossott

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