Sharp Sight

The Body communicates so much more that what a person says in terms of words.
 The Eyes though are an interesting aspect in our bodies, They give us the blessing
 of vision and perspective to the world. Just as they give perspective to the world 
about the person as well.  The eyes not only tell about your state of mind or even the
 level of exhaustion but also about the kind of life probably one has had!

The eyes radiate energy and they could be intimidating. They are the most vital 
element of any expression on the face that becomes a look. An organ as small 
as the thumb I press my space bar with, sums up the perspective of the world 
I live in. 

Photographer: Akshay Pawar
Model: Ayesha Kanga
Hair & Make up: Sakil Kunwar
Producer: Pruthav Mandora
Agency: Maiden Consultancy & Networks
Publication: Beauty mute Magazine #183 April 2020

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