Colours are mood setters

"Colours are mood setters, of every element we lay our eyes upon, be it the walls of a room, the wrapping paper on a gift or an outfit.
Whether they’re a calming blue, passionate red, enthusiastic yellow or warmth purple, they invoke in the viewer a certain emotion.
And she embraces them all... as the warmth of comfort envelops her, she attempts to come out of her shell. But the protective, welcoming white pulls her back gently.
With a streak of red, her vision is fixated on a sight. But will she reach that little target made of light?"

Agency:Maiden Consultancy & Networks
Photographer: Akshay Pawar
Executive producer: Pruthav Mandora
Creative Director: Meghana Thakar
Wardrobe stylist: Yvonne Monterio
Muse: Rushaki Ghosh

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